Fresh Flowers Décor Tailored to Your Individual Preferences for All Occasions



All-In-One and longer lasting fresh flowers in gift boxes with a selection of delights. Flowers in gift boxes are fed with water from the special oasis which holds the water supply and extends the period of moisture. Even after your party or celebration, the flower boxes used for table décor can be brought back home and enjoyed for extended time or given away to your guests as a Thank You gift. 





Vivid Variety Flowers offers combinations of carefully selected fresh flowers in gift boxes that can be tailored to your individual preferences for any occasion as a single gift to your friend or table décor for events, parties and weddings. All of our flower boxes are unique and customised to your choice of flowers, its colours and selection of details to fulfil the theme of your party. 





Fresh flower arrangements for table centrepieces

Fresh flower arrangements for Thank You gifts

Seating name tags

Table numbers




Service charge per table decorated - FROM £60

Laser-cut wooden seating name tag - FROM £3

Laser-cut wooden table number - FROM £4


The cost of the materials per table used for décor is preliminary, depending on your choice of flowers, boxes and quantities. Please contact us to discuss your enquiries. 


We will do our best to style the flower décor which fits your budget. We will advise you if we believe that your choices may go beyond your budget. 



Whether you plan a big party or an intimate wedding, we are here to understand and help you fulfil your vision with our impeccable attention to detail.